Ziv Cohen

Ziv Cohen

CEO @ Paygilant


Mr. Cohen has over 20 years of experience in the cyber security and fraud industry with more than a decade in driving sales strategy and execution, for innovative startups as well as established Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to founding Paygilant, Mr. Cohen managed Trusteer’s (acquired by IBM) financial fraud and advanced threats enterprise protection solutions, where he established and grew EMEA sales from zero to multi million revenue.

In addition, Mr. Cohen managed RSA EMC FraudAction business operations where he was responsible for delivering Anti-Fraud services to hundreds of financial customers globally. Mr Cohen, led the voice recognition technology sales of PerSay which was acquired by Nuance.


Paygilant is a revolutionary frictionless digital banking and payments anti-fraud company, designed for the new Fintech era. Paygilant’s innovative approach eliminates the trade-off between fraud prevention, frictionless authentication and user’s privacy, delivered with an outstanding simplicity.

Paygilant enables financial and eCommerce organizations to boost their revenue, by enhancing the user experience and preventing fraud before the transaction occurs. Its easy-to-integrate patented technology, utilizes six proprietary Intelligence Sets, which work in harmony to deliver value from day-one.

Paygilant simply triggers a real-time “risky” score when fraud is detected, and a “safe” one when the legitimate customer has been authenticated.