Vered Ben Ami

Vered Ben Ami

Senior Account Executive Finance sector @ ServiceNow

As Senior Account Executive throughout my career I have always been passionate about building relationships, solving key customer challenges and advancing technological projects that improve efficiency, productivity as well as customer experience.

I Drive revenue through relationships and partnerships, engaging with cross-department functions internally and externally to create awareness, enablement, commercial and legal frameworks to broaden impact client’s growth strategies, while leading Employee Empowerment, Collaboration, Efficiency & Productivity.

My areas of expertise include complex large scale E2E Sales in diverse industries such as Defense, Finance, Service providers, Pharma in leading global companies.

✔ Senior Strategic Account Manager for leading global companies with vast experience spearheading complex and strategic large scale E2E and B2B Sales in diverse industries: Finance, Pharma, Defense, Hi-Tech etc.
✔ Rich experience in driving and promoting Cloud and Digital Transformation; Account Orchestration, tackling business challenges at a strategic level, maximizing market reach, increasing customer business value.
✔ Cultivating customer accounts and relationships with key opinion leaders, generating quality leads, expanding portfolio & sales volume, rebuilding trust and a creating a joint vision.
✔ Long track record in initiating and managing strategic enterprise customer partnerships, motivating and leading teams in Israel and overseas; charismatic, team player, creative diligent.
✔ My motto is: “People do business with people”.
✔ Open to challenging and dynamic opportunities.

As Senior Account Executive my responsibilities include leading customer seamlessly through complex projects and platforms that bring digital transformation to the customer’s organization, increasing efficiency and effectiveness in their business.

• Value Based Selling: envisioning & demonstrating business Value across clouds and solution areas, becoming deeply embedded in customer’s industry, business & digital.
• Create long-term trusted relationship with CxO enabling business and transformation strategy, leveraging existing relationships to build new contacts.